20 години "Караджъ Турс", 20 години пътуваме заедно с Вас! Годината започва с 20 лева отстъпка, подарък от нас!    ГРАБНИ ВАУЧЕРА, СЕГА!

Инфорамция за хотела

Lito Hotel is located in a privileged area, not only in relation to its geography, but also because of the variety of leisure it offers. Bathing in Plaka, Leptokarya, Panteleimon, dining by the sea in countless taverns and restaurants in the area, a night out in the heart of summer entertainment, with options for every taste and passion. In the archaeological site and museum of Dion we will see the findings of the holy city of the Macedonians, and in Levithra we will get an idea of ​​life in their Neolithic settlement. We will go to Olympus for the "conquest" of Mytikas, for a walk on its European mountain paths, or for a climb to the springs of Orlias.


Удобства в Lito Hotel - Plaka Litochorou

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